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Web Design

Since 2008, SocialApparatus has been designing custom websites for clients around the globe. Our team is skilled, and trained in the latest web technologies to ensure that your website will be modern, and functional across browsers.

Our web designs are mobile first, which means that your site will always look good on any device, and screen width.

Web Development

Web Development and Web Design go hand in hand. Without a good back end, your front end design is useless.

We begin all of our web development projects with an object oriented approach, creating classes and methods to handle the back end functionality, so your new front end can shine.

Elgg Services

We started out as ElggDesign in 2008, and have been active in the Elgg community, creating themes and plugins ever since. Our themes and plugins have been used in thousands of Elgg websites.

We would be happy to provide you with a quote to create an Elgg theme, plugin, or entire website.

What is SocialApparatus?

social [soh-shuh l] - noun - social-networking websites and applications

apparatus [ap-uh-rat-uh s] - - any system or systematic organization of activities, functions, processes, etc., directed toward a specific goal

In short, we build Social Networks, Socially Aware Websites, and Web Applications.

We are nerds who love to code...

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